Manitoba Endangered Spaces Campaign Grade - April 2000

Grading Criteria:

A 1) Application of ecological principles
Manitoba continues to use its natural regions and enduring features framework, based on ecological principles, for protected areas design and to assess ecological representation in Manitoba.

A 2) Strategy and Action Plan development
The Action Plan for a Network of Protected Areas has been extended. The consultations for review of potential protected areas continue, with over 50 areas under review.

C* 3) Protected Areas system completion to date
Three new park reserves have been established. And several more wildlife management areas have been upgraded to protected status.
(This criteria grade is triple weighted.)

D 4) Rate of progress in protected areas designation.
Completion of Manitoba's network of protected areas is dependant on decisions from the current reviews of over 50 areas. New protected areas announcements are expected by the end of June, 2000.

B 5) Protection Standards maintained or extended.
Protection standards were maintained. Action on First Nations protected area nominations, and interim protection for the Lowlands national park are priority actions.

B 6) Private sector/lands protection incentives.
Significant support to the Conservation Agreement Act private lands protection decisions will build the protected lands network. A public registry of all protected lands, accessible by all agencies is essential.

Manitoba has made important decisions regarding new protected areas, and put in place key factors which clearly indicate the government is continuing to build Manitoba's network of protected areas. These decisions include: the new Action Plan, extension of the First Nations protected areas Memorandum of Understanding, and continued upgraded protection standards in older crown land designations. These early signals show an understanding of the public interest and expectation for creation of protected areas in our province.

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