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Release May 30, 2003

Manitoba Falters in Protected Areas Establishment — Again.

Manitobans and Political Parties Support Immediate Action

The annual Manitoba protected areas grade was released in Winnipeg today by the Manitoba Wildlands Campaign office, Canadian Nature Federation.

Observers were not surprised that Manitoba received a low D – grade, given the province’s lack of action over the last year to establish new protected areas. No new protected areas have been established in the province since 2001, with no increase in ‘representation’ of natural region landscapes since 2000.

Recent government commitments, and public policies pledge completion of Manitoba’s network of protected areas. Yet staff, budget allocation, and technical capacity have eroded. Over 100 areas in the province are currently under review for protected status. Hydro development intentions in Manitoba’s boreal forest regions will impact ability to establish protected areas, and risk the future of existing protected lands.

“Recent polling reveals that 91% of Manitobans support action to establish new protected areas in our province,” said Gaile Whelan Enns, Manitoba Director, Wildlands Campaign, Canadian Nature Federation. “All four political parties in the current election support completing Manitoba’s network of protected areas. Manitobans want to see action to protect our natural heritage start on June 4 – the day after the election!”

The definition of a protected area in Manitoba’s Action Plan for a Network of Protected Areas is an area that is “closed by legal means to logging, mining, hydroelectric development or any other activity that significantly affects habitat.”

See attached assessment for details of protected areas grade.
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Contact: Gaile Whelan Enns, Manitoba Director, Wildlands Campaign, Canadian Nature Federation
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