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Reality Check

RC-34: Will A West Side BiPole Impact Woodland Caribou, and Aboriginal Rights?

Date Posted: March 23, 2012

According to the Manitoba Hydro Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the BiPole III Transmission project a west side route will have impacts on woodland caribou, First Nations and Metis rights.

A total of seven caribou herd areas exist inside the BiPole III project study area. Three of these herds will be traversed directly, as the proposed BiPole III transmission corridor will cross the Wabowden, Reed Lake, and Bog range areas. (EIS Maps 6-18, 6-19, & 8-1)

The proposed west-side route for BiPole III potentially impacts twenty-six First Nations and 23 northern affairs communities (EIS Chapter 5 p.16). Consultations with First Nations have not started.

"We find the first filing for the BiPole III EIS to be flawed and deficient in several areas. We expect a supplemental filing to fix these deficiencies," said Gaile Whelan Enns.

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