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RC-36: How Many Strategies and Plans does Tomorrow Now: Manitoba's Green Plan need?

Date Posted: October 26, 2012

Manitoba released Tomorrow Now: Manitoba's Green Plan June 15, 2012. Tomorrow Now is an eight-year strategic plan for protecting the environment while ensuring a prosperous and environmentally conscious economy.

The plan sets out actions around the following five key priorities:

  1. Good for Our Economy - Good For Our Environment
  2. Changing Our Ways For A Changing Climate
  3. Safeguarding our Water, Air and Land
  4. Nurturing Our Living World
  5. Simple Individual Choices - Big Results

Tomorrow Now is not a single plan, but instead calls for the development of up to 16 new environmental plans or strategies over the next eight years.

Examples of strategies/plans include:

  • Green Economy Action Plan
  • Energy Strategy
  • New Climate Plan
  • Peatlands Stewardship Strategy
  • New Water Conservation Strategy
  • Eco-Tourism Strategy
  • New Manitoba Boreal Plan
  • Moose Action Plans

The public has until October 31, 2012 to provide comments on the new plan.

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