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RC-37: What Is The Clean Environment Commission?

Date Posted: November 9, 2012

Manitoba's Clean Environment Commission (CEC) is established under The Environment Act (1988). The CEC's principal role is to provide opportunities for the Manitoba public to play a part in ensuring the protection of our environment. This is done by providing a forum at which the public can participate in environmental assessment and decision-making, and in offering advice and recommendations to the government

You Should Get Involved

Public participation in the environmental review process is essential. If potential effects of developments were not of concern, there would not be a need for their review. Those who may be most affected by the development are given the chance to provide their views. The public hearing process is to be a fair and open forum where all can be heard.

How Public Hearings Work

As part of the provincial environmental assessment process, the public is invited to submit comments and/or objections regarding a proposed project through the Public Registry. In response to valid concerns, the Minister of Conservation may request the Clean Environment Commission to convene a public hearing. During such a hearing the Commission receives representations from the project proponent, the general public-both supporters and opponents, and from various government departments responsible for reviewing the proposal. The Commission reviews the evidence and information presented at the hearing and prepares a report containing advice and recommendations for the Minister.

Upon receipt of the Commission's report, the Minister may choose to accept all or part of its recommendations but is under no legal obligation to do so. If, however the Commission's recommendations are not acted upon, or incorporated into the licence under review, written the Minister or the Department of Conservation must provide reasons and these must be filed in the Public Registry.

The Panel

The review panel is made up of Commissioners from the Clean Environment Commission. Their job is to hear all the information from all parties, consider the information presented, arrive at conclusions and, then, make recommendations to the Minister of Conservation.

Source: Manitoba Clean Environment Commission
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