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Wuskwatim Environmental Report Notes Deficiencies

19 October 04

CEC image Manitoba's Clean Environment Commission (CEC) released it report "Report on Public Hearings - Wuskwatim Generation and Transmission Projects" October 4, 2004. The CEC Wuskwatim report recommends Manitoba grant licenses to both Wuskwatim projects. However, the CEC report also identifies deficiencies in the Wuskwatim filings, and offers a series of recommendations that have important implications for the Wuskwatim projects and future Manitoba Hydro projects.

In its report, the CEC takes note of the significant 'legacy' issues that remain unaddressed due to effects and impacts from existing hydro development and acknowledges that the major hydroelectric projects from the 1970s are only licensed on an interim basis. The CEC recommends that all outstanding community and environmental issues with regard to these existing projects be addressed and then Manitoba Hydro should apply for permanent environmental licenses for these dams and transmission projects.

"The CEC has confirmed the importance of many of the questions asked, and recommendations made by public participants during the Wuskwatim review and hearings." noted Manitoba Wildlands Director Gaile Whelan Enns, "We will be monitoring Manitoba Hydro and the Government of Manitoba closely. Actions that reflect the CEC's recommendations to fundamentally change environmental assessment in Manitoba must be taken immediately."

The federal comprehensive assessment of the Wuskwatim Generation project will be released in the coming months. The report will be subject to a public review and comments period.

View a list of CEC recommendations
View the CEC Wuskwatim report (Recommendations start on Page 122)

Sources: Clean Environment Commission, Manitoba Wildlands

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