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Protected Areas Since 1999 - Audit Released

13 June 2003

Candian Nature FederationThe Canadian Nature Federation (CNF) released its audit of Manitoba protected areas and parks decisions since 1999 in Winnipeg May 1, 2003. The audit was conducted to verify a statement in the November 2002 Speech from the Throne: "Since 1999 close to a million hectares has been added to protected areas and parklands in Manitoba".

The protected areas audit, conducted by the Manitoba Wildlands office of the CNF, determined that in fact new protected areas established in Manitoba since fall 1999 total 194,957 Ha. (See statistic summary below.)

Gaile Whelan Enns, Manitoba Wildlands Director for the CNF said the Manitoba government needs to resume establishing new protected areas, especially in our forest natural regions. "Minister Ashton has extended Manitoba's Action Plan and he indicated this week that his department will 'strive to create a network of core protected areas.' "

"Manitobans are waiting for that to happen – and they expect significant decisions for new protected areas throughout our province this year. These recent commitments must be acted on" Gaile Whelan Enns said.

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