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Reality Check

RC-30: NDP Still Failing to Deliver Environment Promises

Date Posted: December 30, 2011

As we begin 2012, Manitoba Wildlands has updated its February 2011 review of the environment promises made by the governing Manitoba NDP since the 1999 election. The review is based on letters sent to Manitoba Wildlands by the NDP September 4th and September 13th 1999, responses to Manitoba Wildlands pre-election questionnaires in 2003 and 2007, responses to Manitoba Wildands 2011 Election Questionnaires, and environmental commitments made by the NDP in the 2011 General Election.

A copy of the letters, questionnaire responses, and commitments can be found on Manitoba Wildlands webpage. Additional environment commitments contained in Hansard, Throne Speeches, and Budget Speeches are not included in this review. A summary of commitments made in Budgets and Throne speeches can also be found on our webpage.

In total 120 promises were identified (up from 105 in February 2011), with some promises repeated on more than one-occasion. Of the 120 promises:

  • 20 have been fulfilled (16.7%);
  • 22 have been partially fulfilled (18.3%);
  • 73 remain unfulfilled (60.8%);
  • 5 were immeasurable or it was unclear if the promise had been fulfilled (4.2%).

"It's important following their re-election in 2011 election, for the NDP to consider steps to improve its record on these environment promises. Manitobans expect better!" said Manitoba Wildlands Director Gaile Whelan-Enns.

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