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Right the two wrongs

Published on August 20, 2012 by Winnipeg Free Press

cartoonA new study of water quality in Canadian lakes by researchers at the University of Alberta underlines the weaknesses of ill-considered environmental policies of both the federal and Manitoba governments. The study just published on blue-green algae indicates that across Canada, the blooms are producing worrisome levels of toxic microcystin, which is a health threat to people and animals, and concentrations are highest in lakes with low nitrogen-to-phosphorus levels. The Harper and Selinger governments should sit up and take note.

The researchers' findings imply more needs to be done to cut the levels of nutrients running into the water bodies that support fisheries, wildlife, the environment and Canada's recreation industry. The algae are unsightly and microcystin is toxic to the liver of humans and animals and is implicated as a cancer threat.

View entire August 20, 2012 Winnipeg Free Press editorial

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The following resource materials on Lake Winnipeg are from Manitoba Wildlands' Water Research Collection. We continue to add to the Water Research Collection with public reports, documents, maps, and data about water in Manitoba. For information email us.

Organization sources below hold further Lake Winnipeg research materials.

State of Lake Winnipeg: 1999 to 2007 (PDF), and website
Environment Canada, Manitoba Water Stewardship
June 2011

Sudden ecosystem state change in Lake Winnipeg, Canada, caused by eutrophication arising from crop and livestock production during the 20th centur (PDF)
Peter Leavitt et. al.
May 2011

Food and Water Security in the Lake Winnipeg Basin: Transition to the Future (PDF), and website
D.F. Malley, A.E. Ulrich, and P.D. Watts
April 2009

Lake Winnipeg Watershed Map (PDF)
Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium Inc.
Undated, Manitoba Wildlands Record #3404

Letter to the Manitoba Clean Environment Commission on the health of Lake Winnipeg (PDF)
Manitoba Clean Environment Commission
December 19, 2008, Manitoba Wildlands Record #3370

Water For Food: Environmental Impact Of Food Production And Consumption (PDF)
Swedish Research Council Formas
August 2008, Manitoba Wildlands Record #3480

Coping with the Impacts of Climate Change on Water (PDF)
World Resource Review
2006, Manitoba Wildlands Record #3487

Restoring the Health of Lake Winnipeg & Technical Annex (PDF)
Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium Inc.
2006, Manitoba Wildlands Record #3433, #3434

Our Collective Responsibility - Reducing nutrient loading to Lake Winnipeg (PDF)
Lake Winnipeg Stewardship Board
December 19, 2005, Manitoba Wildlands Record #3429

Satellite Images of Manitoba's Great Lakes
University of Manitoba
September 17, 2005, Manitoba Wildlands Record #3476

Canadian Guidance Framework for the Management of Phosphorus in Freshwater Systems (PDF)
Depository Service Program
February 2005, Manitoba Wildlands Record #3455

Red River Basin Natural Resources Framework Plan - Executive Summary (PDF)
Red River Basin Commission
2005, Manitoba Wildlands Record #3499

Water for Life 2005 Conference (PDF)
Southern Chiefs Organization Inc.
2005, Manitoba Wildlands Record #3430

Changes in the Emergent Plant Community of Netley-Libau Marsh between 1979 and 2001 (PDF)
Delta Marsh Field Station
November 2004, Manitoba Wildlands Record #3394

Supply, Quality and Use of Water in the Prairie Provinces - Mantioba Edition (PDF)
Climate Change Connection
2003, Manitoba Wildlands Record #3454

The Fish and Fisheries of Lake Winnipeg: the first 100 years (PDF)
Department of Fisheries and Oceans
2003, Manitoba Wildlands Record #3295

Community Conservation Plan for the Netley-Libau Marsh Important Bird Area (South Basin of Lake Winnipeg) (PDF)
Oak Hammock Marsh and Netley Marsh Waterfowl Foundation Inc.
October 3, 2001, Manitoba Wildlands Record #3393

The Cumulative effects of climate change and other human stresses on Canadian Freshwaters in the New Millennium (PDF)
David Schindler
2001, Manitoba Wildlands Record #3386

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