Manitoba Wildlands
For Release: November 9, 2006

Another Year of Disappointment:
2006 Protected Areas Grade for Manitoba

The 2006 protected areas grade for Manitoba is a 'D'.

Manitoba Wildlands director Gaile Whelan Enns said, "Our government continues to ignore the expectations of Manitobans to get the job done. Despite all the green government advertising we are seeing, little has been done in protected areas establishment this year. It is particularly worrisome to see no action on permanent protection of the Poplar/Nanowin Rivers Park Reserve." Manitoba Wildlands also released its annual protected areas technical audit November 9th.

Sophia Rabliauskas of Poplar River First Nation told Manitoba Wildlands: "We have waited long enough for the government to act on our request for permanent protection of our traditional territory. We as a First Nation have worked for years to establish a Lands Management Plan; we met and exceeded every criteria the government imposed on us and yet they continue to ignore our efforts to achieve protection and management of our traditional lands."

Manitoba did list woodland caribou this year under its Endangered Species Legislation. Ron Thiessen, director of Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Manitoba Chapter told Manitoba Wildlands: "It's time Manitoba fulfills its legal requirement to protect woodland caribou by protecting the large, intact boreal forests habitats this threatened species needs for its survival."

"The Poplar/Nanowin River Park Reserve is an irreplaceable part of the world's unspoiled, intact boreal forest ecosystem," said Susan Casey-Lefkowitz, Director NRDC Canada Program. "The international community cannot understand why Manitoba delays in keeping its commitment to permanently protect this region."

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Manitoba's government has been graded on protected areas actions each year for 15 years. This year, the government receives a 'D' grade from Manitoba Wildlands. The annual protected areas grade is based on the government's commitments, its methods, data, and regulations, using the same criteria each year. (See technical assessment, bonus/penalty comments), Last year's protected areas grade was an 'F'.

There are 100 government areas of interest in Manitoba waiting for review and protected status. Many are in Manitoba's boreal forest regions, including 10,000,000 acres reviewed and approved by the Minerals Sector. No new protected areas were established in these regions during 2006.

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