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Manitoba Protected Areas Grade 2006

Technical Assessment

September 1, 2005 - October 1, 2006

D    The annual Manitoba protected areas grade is based on six World Wildlife Fund criteria, applied to Manitoba protected areas since 1992. Nature Canada issued the grade 2000 to 2003. Manitoba Wildlands now releases the grade annually to assess protected areas commitments and actions. Penalties and bonuses highlight successes or problems. The grade is based on Government of Manitoba data, regulations, public policy, and commitments.

D-   1) Application of Ecological Criteria to Design, Select and Designate new protected areas. Manitoba Conservation is not designing and designating protected areas that ecologically represent the province's natural regions. A technical methods report is not available for a fifth consecutive year. New protected areas are falling short in comparison to the options available to represent landscapes and natural regions. Manitoba Conservation has again adjusted previous assessments of natural region representation, making its own methods suspect.

F    2) Protected Areas Strategy and Action Plan to complete protected areas system for each natural region. In 2004, the Conservation Minister renewed his commitment to the intent and ecological standards of Manitoba's Action Plan for a Network of Protected Areas, and to develop a new Action Plan. The new Action Plan has still not been provided, despite commitments from three Conservation ministers. Over 70 candidate sites are stuck in the system, without protection decisions.

C    3) Protected Areas System Completion to Date** Natural region representation has not increased since 2000. 8,571 ha of protected lands added to the system since the 2005 grade. **This criterion is triple weighted as it assesses actual protected lands for each natural region based on what remains to be done to complete Manitoba's network of protected areas. A 'C' grade means only one third of Manitoba's protected areas are in place. See Manitoba Wildlands' protected areas audit.

F    4) Rate of Progress in Protected Areas Designation The slow rate of protected areas establishment, especially in Manitoba's boreal forest regions, means many decisions are needed to complete Manitoba's regional network of protected areas. The risk of new development in Manitoba's forest and taiga regions far exceeds decisions to protect our lands and waters. Despite verbal support for the new east side World Heritage Site no action to protect these lands has been taken. Commitments made in government's Green and Growing policy statement have not been acted on (See Manitoba Wildlands Critique of Green and Growing).

D+    5) Protection Standards Maintained or Extended Action since 2005 Protected Areas Grade:
  • Armit Meadow Ecological Reserve, Birch River Ecological Reserve, Delta Marsh Wildlife Management Area
  • Protection standards are being maintained for existing protected areas
  • Steps to acknowledge community pastures as protected lands have been stalled for 5 years.
  • Purchase of Spirit Woods lands in Winnipeg were made, but are still not fully protected.
  • Over 50 candidate sites designed by government are stuck in the system, without protection decisions.

C    6) Legislation/policies to assist private sector in protected areas establishment. Manitoba continues to identify, and recognize Nature Conservancy protected lands. No response from Manitoba Conservation regarding steps to protect Ducks Unlimited held lands. A public registry of all conservation easements and private protected lands was called for by WWF Canada in 1995, and still does not exist. Only lands where technical information is available included in the grade. See Manitoba Wildlands critique of MOAs for private lands protection.

  • Failure to respond to Pauingassi First Nation's renewed request for protected land, interim protection
  • Original principle of ESPI to maintain ecological integrity of east side boreal forest regions ignored; protected areas establishment stalled
  • Tembec forest management area priority for protected areas establishment for three years running, protected areas not established.
  • Action Plan for a Network of Protected Areas not updated
  • First Nations protected areas MOU not honoured, failure to provide access to information
  • Failure to put permanent protection in place for the first World Heritage Site lands, Poplar River First Nation request
  • Federal/provincial MOU re: Lowlands national park options not renewed,
  • Green and Growing content inaccurate, commitments in this policy document not kept. Read analysis
  • No plan to establish protected areas in boreal forest regions before new forestry licences such as LP, despite public commitments
  • Written indication that logging is intended in ASIs
  • Failure to protect 10,000,000 acres of land reviewed, approved for protection by Manitoba Mining sector
  • Natural region representation stalled since 2000

  • First funding from Government of Manitoba in support of WHS/ Accord First Nations' technical and lands planning needs (Sustainable Development Innovations Fund)
  • Protection standards are being upheld for existing protected lands
  • Posting maps regarding mining sector protected area technical reviews
  • Posting accurate chronology regarding protected areas establishment
  • Initiating consultations for renewal of park reserves about to expire
  • Listing woodland caribou under Manitoba Endangered Species Act
  • Cooperation between Conservation and Mines Ministers regarding protected areas regulations and correspondence
  • Protection of two ecological reserves and one wildlife management area
  • Government commitments in support of World Heritage Site, including funding for the WHS Assembly
  • Ongoing, repeated commitment by Government to keep transmission corridors out of east side,
  • Green and Growing statement regarding moratorium on development on the east side
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