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Manitoba Pre-Election Survey 2007

MB Voting Box image Manitoba Wildlands sent its 2007 pre election survey to the leaders of all Manitoba political parties: New Democratic Party (NDP), Progressive Conservatives (PC), Liberal Party of Manitoba (LIB), and the Green Party of Manitoba (GR). The survey contains several categories of questions, with short related questions in each category. It is designed to encourage clear YES or NO answers. We are posting documents we receive, and will show YES, NO, NO ANSWER in the survey chart.

See links below for previous election surveys and commitments from 1999 and 2003 Manitoba elections, and recent federal elections. We also post environmental commitments made in Throne and Budget speeches. Manitoba Wildlands encourages other Manitoba civil society organizations to ask our political leaders questions relevant to the future of our province.

The uncertainty of election dates, and the urgency of environmental issues in Manitoba, prompted this pre election survey.

Manitoba Wildlands' Election Surveys
Manitoba Government Environmental Commitments - Budget and Throne Speeches (1999-2006)


Will your government:
  1. establish an energy plan for Manitoba? YES/NO
  2. report on progress on the energy plan every two years? YES/NO
  3. establish public licensing/assessment standards for new renewable energy projects? YES/NO
  4. undertake consultations regarding renewable energy projects before any are licensed/ constructed on crown lands or waterways? YES/NO

Manitoba Hydro

Will your government:
  1. require Manitoba Hydro to report to the Crown Corporations Committee of the Legislature annually? YES/NO
  2. post all current Manitoba hydro water power licences and environmental licenses online? YES/NO
  3. act on Clean Environment Commission recommendation to review and license existing hydro system in Manitoba, through a public process? YES/NO
  4. require Manitoba Hydro to publicly file its technical reports, data, and scientific findings? YES/NO
  5. require regular, independent external audits of Manitoba Hydro (finances, policies, contracts, and negotiations)? YES/NO
  6. ensure Manitoba Hydro makes development intentions public? YES/NO
  7. require environmental assessment/license for retrofitting, upgrading, or changing existing hydro dams? YES/NO
  8. make notifications for changes in water levels, from generation stations public, at least 2 weeks in advance? YES/NO
  9. make sure Manitoba Hydro settles all outstanding compensation claims? YES/NO

Climate Change

Will your government:
  1. report publicly on actions since the 2002 Climate Change Action Plan, and 2001 Climate Change Task Force report? YES/NO
  2. establish third party, independent auditing of climate change actions/ reporting by government and industry in Manitoba? YES/NO
  3. establish public posting of emissions data for large emitters in Manitoba, starting at 100,000 tonnes of emissions per year? YES/NO
  4. post publicly Manitoba air pollution sources, especially including particulate matter? YES/NO
  5. make all Manitoba Hydro emissions and carbon loss public, rather than 'private information' in greenhouse gas inventories? YES/NO
  6. establish a public inventory of carbon held in Manitoba soils, forests, lands and waters? YES/NO
  7. adopt a 'no net loss of carbon and no net gain in emissions' policy? YES/NO
  8. incorporate emissions reduction objectives into environmental licensing and operations standards for all public works? YES/NO
  9. mandate renewable portfolio standards and renewable energy quotas with specific targets and deadlines for Manitoba? YES/NO

Parks, Protected Areas, World Heritage Site

Will your government:
  1. continue to use the definition for protected areas reflected in public policy, legislation in Manitoba since 1990? YES/NO
  2. complete the network of protected areas in Manitoba's natural regions started in the 1990's? YES/NO
  3. uphold the principles of the First Nations protected areas MOU? YES/NO
  4. establish new protected areas before a new forestry license, mill or hydro (dam and transmission project) license is issued? YES/NO
  5. protect traditional lands nominated by First Nations for inclusion in the proposed World Heritage Site? YES/NO
  6. retain and act on the more than 100 protected areas candidates in Manitoba? YES/NO
  7. priorize action for significant protected areas in our forest regions? YES/NO

Public Access to Information & Consultations

Will your government:
  1. make public all materials used or filed in public hearings, legislative committee hearings, or similar events? YES/NO
  2. make public speeches and presentations by ministers and Premier? YES/NO
  3. make maps and data sources for government public? YES/NO
  4. direct government staff to respond to information requests, and while avoiding these becoming freedom of information requests? YES/NO
  5. adequately staff the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act? YES/NO
  6. make public review comments for any consultation or public policy/regulatory/license review? YES/NO
  7. adequately resource the Public Registry so it includes, on a timely basis, planning, policy, licensing, and regulatory review files from all government departments? YES/NO
  8. set up an online Public Registry, to contain paper public registry files? YES/NO
  9. make a complete government phone, address directory available to Manitoba citizens, updated regularly? YES/NO

Environmental Licences

Will your government:
  1. maintain up-to-date listing and online copies of all environmental licences under The Environment Act? YES/NO
  2. make public for comment alterations, additions, or grandfathering steps under environmental licenses? YES/NO
  3. require cumulative environmental impact assessments when renewing Class 2 & 3 licences (such as logging, mills, mining, plants, hydro, etc)? YES/NO
  4. make loans, incentives, business agreements, subsidies etc. pertaining to projects requiring environmental licences public? YES/NO
  5. define the geographic scope for significant (Class 2 & 3) projects subject to environmental assessments? YES/NO
  6. initiate a review of 20 year old Environment Act? YES/NO
  7. have developers respond to public comments about their Environmental Impact Statements in advance of decisions about holding hearings? YES/NO
  8. resume posting public review comments, and responses by developers in the public registry? YES/NO


Will your government:
  1. post and update all boil water orders in Manitoba online? YES/NO
  2. act on recommendations of the 2005 Lake Winnipeg Implementation Report, with public reporting? YES/NO
  3. ensure water conservation is the primary criteria for proposals on new water/wastewater/pipeline projects? YES/NO
  4. post all water permits, licences, and allocations, with updates including infractions? YES/NO
  5. make all water allocations, water reserve, resource permits and licenses public ? YES/NO
  6. act on recommendations in the February 2007 Lake Winnipeg Stewardship report, with public updates ? YES/NO

Land Use Planning

Will your government:
  1. support and fulfill original East Side Planning Initiative principles for land use planning? YES/NO
  2. acknowledge that 6 years later only one lands plan is in place among 16 east side First Nations, and provide funding assistance to other communities for lands planning? YES/NO
  3. continue the current pause in development in the east side 'planning area' until communities' lands plans are in place? YES/NO
  4. honour the lands plans of individual communities? YES/NO

Environment & Government

Will your government:
  1. appoint an Environmental Commissioner and Auditor for Manitoba, having both a public policy and regulatory auditing role? YES/NO
  2. put in place an Environmental Bill of Rights for Manitobans? YES/NO
  3. separate environmental inspection, auditing, licensing, policy, hearings, etc. from the department that manages or protects resources? YES/NO
  4. make the Clean Environment Commission independent of the minister, by including it with the Office of the Environmental Auditor? YES/NO
  5. maintain online archives of public policy announcements, reports, documents regarding lands and waters and the environment? YES/NO
  6. indicate (via notice on departmental website) when a public policy is being retired, updated, or replaced? YES/NO
  7. list current public policies regarding lands and waters and Manitoba's environment in an easy to access, online tool? YES/NO
  8. re-establish and fill all scientist and biologist positions in government as of 10 years ago? YES/NO
  9. fulfill federal/national environmental, water protection, conservation, species standards which Manitoba has signed on to (includes Council of Ministers of the Environment policies, and guidelines, all Ministers' Councils' policies and guidelines)? YES/NO

Clean Environment Commission / Public Utilities Board

Will your government:
  1. increase staff to enable evidence and proceedings from CEC hearings to be readily available to the public? YES/NO
  2. require ministers of the Manitoba government to respond to CEC reports in a public manner within 90 days of their release? YES/NO
  3. make CEC evidence, archives, and transcripts easily accessible? YES/NO
  4. make sure that CEC hearings remain open, easily accessible, providing citizens the right to participate? YES/NO
  5. separate decisions as to who receives participant funding for CEC hearings from administration of funds? YES/NO
  6. make the updated schedule for hearings public, on a daily basis? YES/NO
  7. make sure that all participants receive copies of all documents from hearings? YES/NO