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Acts and Regulations

The links below describe each act/regulation in detail. All can be found in the Department of Justice Canada web site under the Law section. Click here to access the Department of Justice Site.

Arctic Waters Pollution Prevention Act
Canadian Environmental Assessment Act
Canadian Environmental Protection Act
Fisheries Act
Fishery (General) Regulations
Fishery Regulations - Manitoba, 1987
Forestry Act
Indian Act
Riding Mountain and Wapusk National Park Regulations
National Historic Parks Wildlife and Domestic Animals Regulations
National Parks Act (Canada)
National Parks Fishing Regulations
National Parks Wilderness Area Declaration Regulations
National Parks Wildlife Regulations
Oceans Act
Parks Canada Agency Act
Parks Canada Policies Guide
Species at Risk Act
Statistics Canada
Water Act (Canada)
Wildlife Act (Canada)

View Getting Answers: A Guide to the Environmental Petitions Process
View Auditor General of Canada - Environmental Petitions Video video

Liberal Plan for Canada

"The Brundtland Commission identified the protection of species and ecosystems as a prerequisite to sustainable development. In response, the House of Commons unanimously endorsed the goal of working cooperatively with provincial and territorial governments to protect in its natural state a representative sample of each of the country's natural regions, amounting to at least 12 percent of Canada. A Liberal government will work with the provinces, the territories, and Aboriginal peoples towards this goal. We will maintain the commitment to complete the National Parks System by 2000."

(This quote provided as an indication of commitments to protected areas and national parks, made during l993 federal election.

downloadDownload 2008 Liberal party of Canada Green Shift Plan (PDF)

Conservatives Founding Principles

"The Conservative Party will be guided in its constitutional framework and its policy basis by the following principles:
  • A belief that the quality of the environment is a vital part of our heritage to be protected by each generation for the next;
  • A belief that Canada should accept its obligations among the nations of the world;"
View the complete Founding Priciples of the Conservative Party of Canada

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