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Manitoba Hydro Projects: BiPole III CEC Hearings

Bipole III Clean Environment Commission Proceedings:
Update February 22, 2013

Clean Environment Commission (CEC) hearings about the Manitoba Hydro Bipole III transmission project have been in adjournment since November 22, 2012. In the meantime Manitoba Hydro filed its EIS regarding the route changes ( project changes) January 28, 2012. Unfortunately, there was no public notice and essentially no public review. Participants in the hearings will aim to review the EIS before hearings resume in Winnipeg March 4, 2013.

Review comments from the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for Manitoba Conservation were provided February 20, and posted online February 22, 2013.

All of these materials will be brought into the hearings when they resume, and Manitoba Hydro will present their assessment of the three route changes. Cross examination by the participants and their legal counsel will also occur. The panel can pose questions at any point.

Some presentations not included in the earlier hearings are booked.

Closing statements or arguments from each participant, and Manitoba Hydro will close the hearings. The CEC will prepare its report and recommendations that it provides to the Minister for Conservation and Water Stewardship for consideration and decisions. Should Bipole III receive an environmental licence it should reflect the findings, recommendations, and intent of the hearings content and CEC report. Features in the project, like the two converter stations, that reflect new technology or systems, will receive special attention.

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