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Manitoba Hydro Projects: BiPole III CEC Hearings

Bipole Hearings: Week Five: October 29 - November 1, 2012


The CEC hearings returned to Winnipeg, with hearings starting October 29. The hearings continue in Winnipeg throughout the month.

October 29 - Manitoba Hydro experts made presentations based on the content and scope of the EIS. These presentations also added to the content in Manitoba Hydro staff presentations from the first week of hearings, in Winnipeg.

Topics for presentations by Manitoba Hydro experts included: moose, woodland caribou, mammals, trapper notification and compensation policy, birds, ecosystems and vegetation, aboriginal knowledge, agriculture, and socio economic effects.

Also some Manitoba Hydro staff panels returned for cross examination.

Manitoba Hydro experts and specialists were cross examined, starting on Wednesday October 31, 2012.

Monday, October 29 Manitoba Hydro announced three Bipole III route changes. To date maps, data, and details have not been provided to hearing participants.

Also none of the power point presentations used as the basis for presentations by Manitoba Hydro experts were posted. Some of these were provided to hearing participants during the week.

None of these Manitoba Hydro presentations were provided to participants before use during the hearing.

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