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Manitoba Wildlands is providing our audiences an opportunity to say what you think.

Please check our home page for the latest poll and vote frequently. Results of all polls will be listed also.

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May 27, 2016: Does the new Manitoba government need a separate minister for climate change?

May 7, 2016: Should Manitoba's new government make its Aboriginal consultation standard public?

April 10, 2016: Should the Manitoba government renew its MOU with First Nations concerning the steps to establish parks and protected areas?

March 12, 2016: Should answers to all Election Surveys of Political Parties be public during the April 19, 2016 election?

February 28, 2016: Should all Manitoba political parties make their MMIW policy public before the start of Manitoba election?

February 14, 2016: Should the Manitoba government resume putting protection from mining in place for all protected areas?

January 30, 2016: Should each political party in Manitoba's spring election have a policy about Aboriginal consultations based on Supreme Court standards?

January 15, 2016: Should the Manitoba Hydro Regional Cumulative Effects Assessment for northern Manitoba be reviewed by outside experts, and be subject to public hearings?

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