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Poll Results

Manitoba Wildlands is providing our audiences an opportunity to say what you think.

Please check our home page for the latest poll and vote frequently. Results of all polls will be listed also.

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Past Poll Results

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December 30, 2011: Should all peat mining in Manitoba have stopped when the Save Lake Winnipeg Act was proclaimed law in June 2011?

December 16, 2011: Should licensing for the CRD dams be in 2013, after Lake Winnipeg hearings?

December 3, 2011: Should all Manitobans, all Hydro customers, have equal treatment regarding disconnection of power during winter months?

November 20, 2011: Should Manitoba Conservation make sure public hearings are held for licensing of Bi Pole III?

November 4, 2011: Should Manitoba Hydro hold public open houses in Winnipeg about permanent licences for the Churchill River Diversion?

October 28, 2011: Will Manitoba make sure the June 2011 moratorium on new peat licenses is upheld?

October 14, 2011: Should Premier Selingers' NDP government review the status of all its government's environment promises and commitments?

October 1, 2011: Should Manitoba's new government include environment and economic sustainability in all its decisions?

September 24, 2011: Should permanent licences for northern dams and lake Winnipeg water levels have public hearings?

September 18, 2011: Should Manitoba NDP answer Manitoba Wildlands election surveys, like other parties?

September 10, 2011: Should Manitoba parties include both our environment and our economy in platforms for October 4 election?

August 20, 2011: Should Manitoba report actual green house gas emissions instead of estimates and projections?

August 6, 2011: Should Manitoba Hydro provide the Public Utilities Board with export and financial information?

July 27, 2011: Are you in favour of updating Manitoba's 25 year old Environment Act?

July 16, 2011: Are you in favour of Manitoba having an environmental auditors or commissioner, as promised in 1999?

July 1, 2011: Does saving Lake Winnipeg require a commission with regulatory and science authority?

June 18, 2011: Should Manitoba protect significant woodland caribou range areas - keeping developers out?

June 4, 2011: Should Manitoba protect lands inside the world heritage site nomination?

May 23, 2011: Should rivers in Manitoba that do not have dams on them be protected?

May 7, 2011: Are protected lands and waters essential for tourism and eco tourism in Manitoba?

April 23, 2011: Should Manitoba have province wide standards for use of ATVs in public lands, wetlands, and water?

April 9, 2011: Should work permits, environmental plans, and road plans be public in Manitoba?

March 26, 2011: Should Manitoba restore new 'no logging' zones in our parks?

March 12, 2011: Should the Manitoba NDP government act on its environment promises before the 2011 election?

February 28, 2011: Should Manitoba's endangered and threatened species have protected habitats and ranges?

February 19, 2011: Should Manitoba protected areas and parks have management plans?

February 12, 2011: Should Manitoba's endangered and threatened species have protected habitat?

January 29, 2011: Do you think that Manitoba should establish water protected areas in our lakes?

January 17, 2011: Do you think contracts regarding the east side road network should be decided by public tender?

January 4, 2011: Should Manitoba's political parties make their environment platform known ahead of our 2011 election?

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