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Poll Results

Manitoba Wildlands is providing our audiences an opportunity to say what you think.

Please check our home page for the latest poll and vote frequently. Results of all polls will be listed also.

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Past Poll Results

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December 14, 2015: Should Canada's federal and provincial governments implement the COP 21 Climate Agreement?

November 27, 2015: Does Manitoba's government need to return to protecting large boreal forest areas and ecosystems?

October 30, 2015: Should Manitoba Hydro fund First Nation and Aboriginal communities around Lake Winnipeg to conduct lands and water studies, using their traditional knowledge?

October 17, 2015: Should aboriginal medicinal plants in Manitoba be protected?

October 2, 2015: Federal protection for Manitoba lakes and rivers has mostly ended so should the Manitoba government protect lakes and rivers from development?

September 18, 2015: Should the Conservation Minister make the report on Lake Winnipeg Regulations hearings public immediately?

September 4, 2015: Is it time for Manitoba to renew and make public its plans: climate change, protected areas, endangered species, protected lakes, invasive species, etc?

August 15, 2015: Should Manitoba announce the schedule for Aboriginal Consultations, and Environmental Studies for the new Lake Manitoba to Lake Winnipeg Channel?

July 24, 2015: Does Manitoba's government need a plan with timetable so diesel fuel dependant communities know when they will have new energy for heat and electricity?

July 3, 2015: Does the Manitoba government need to admit it issues hundreds of non pubic permits, leases, and licences for lands and waters every year - and make them PUBLIC?

May 22, 2015: Does our government need a plan to rebuild the Conservation & Water Stewardship Department after $20M in cuts?

May 8, 2015: Does the Manitoba government need to explain costs, expected revenues, and all leases, licences and permits for Energy East in Manitoba?

April 24, 2015: Should Lake Winnipeg Regulation licensing depend on extensive studies about impacts after 40 years of regulation?

April 12, 2015: Does Lake Winnipeg need the Lake Management Board recommended in the 1970s and 1980s?

March 20, 2015: Should Manitoba Hydro pay for its use of Lake Winnipeg Waters for generation of energy?

March 6, 2015: Does the Manitoba NDP Leader/ Premier of Manitoba need to confirm environmental policies and commitments?

February 20, 2015: Is it time for the Manitoba Government to update its climate change policy and strategy?

January 30, 2015: Is it time for Manitoba to have an independent commission to handle all Aboriginal Consultations in Manitoba?

January 17, 2015: Should environment policies from candidates for the leadership of the NDP in Manitoba be released in the campaign?

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