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Poll Results

Manitoba Wildlands is providing our audiences an opportunity to say what you think.

Please check our home page for the latest poll and vote frequently. Results of all polls will be listed also.

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Past Poll Results

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December 18, 2010: Should Manitobans pay royalties or water leases to First Nations affected by Manitoba Hydro dams?

December 4, 2010: Should Bipole III have public review and hearings for its environmental license?

November 20, 2010: Should forestry companies have a public review & hearings when their licenses are up?

November 5, 2010: Do we need an independent plan for water levels in Lake Winnipeg Basin?

October 22, 2010: Should Manitoba forest companies be allowed to log in Critical Caribou Habitat?

October 8, 2010: Should Provincial Park reviews and proposed plans be placed in the public registry?

September 14, 2010: Should Winnipeg Mayoral Candidates outline their environmental policies before the election?

September 10, 2010: Should Manitobans be able to participate in reports on the environment and sustainable development?

August 20, 2010: Do you expect Manitoba to protect Woodland Caribou habitats?

August 6, 2010: Should Winnipeg move to biological methods of mosquito control (stop using malathion)?

July 21, 2010: Should the Manitoba Conservation Public Registries be accessible to all Manitobans?

July 9, 2010: Should Manitoba Hydro route sections of Bipole III under Lake Winnipeg?

June 18, 2010: Should Manitoba have Environmental Guidelines and Requirements for all types of licenses?

June 4, 2010: Should Manitoba Conservation hold hearings to review twenty-year plans from forest companies?

May 18, 2010: Should Manitoba Hydro route sections of Bipole III under Lake Winnipeg?

April 23, 2010: Should the 10,000,000 acres approved by the Manitoba mining sector be protected?

April 9, 2010: Should Manitoba and Canada cooperate to review environmental impacts from significant projects?

March 26, 2010: Do you think Hydro dams in Manitoba should have environmental licences?

March 5, 2010: Has Manitoba protected enough of our boreal forest?

February 19, 2010: Should Manitoba protect forest region lands during lands planning?

January 30, 2010: Should new World Heritage Site lands east of Lake Winnipeg be protected?

January 11, 2010: Should river corridors on the east side of Lake Winnipeg be protected?

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